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Gas boiler servicing in North Camp

Lovekin have been servicing gas boilers in North Camp for more than 25 years with skilled engineers, timed appointments and very high quality standards. Many of our customers have been with us over 20 years and we know most on first name terms.

01252 334440

Or you can email Paul

We also service gas fires and install and repair boilers and central heating systems. We work with mains gas only not LPG.

Our service prices all include VAT

We charge 94 to service the first appliance and 68 for each additional appliance but…

We’re offering a 10 introductory discount for new customers, taking the service price down to 84 this time

If you have a neighbour who wants a boiler service too we’ll give each of you a 10 neighbour discount if you make the arrangements to have them done together and, for new customers, that’s in addition to the introductory discount!

Where repair work or parts are needed we charge extra but we’ll discuss it with you first. We take payment when we finish; transfer, cash, or cheque are fine but we don’t take cards.

Lovekin are proud to be Worcester Accredited Installers. We’re also Gas Safe Registered.

Clean blue flame picture Commissioning using an electronic combustion gas analyser Checking the gas rate during a boiler service

Correct flame picture checked during a boiler service. The blue colour is what we’re looking for. Orange, red and mauve tinges are fine, usually caused by dust particles of metallic salts passing through the burner; pale yellow flames which are the colour of a match flame or candle flame would indicate danger and a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In between the rows of flame ports (holes) on the burner are smaller retention ports. Flames tend to lift off larger ports but not smaller ports. The retention ports are there to constantly relight the base of the flames from the larger ports, preventing flame lift.

Lois setting up combustion analysis on a new Baxi Solo HE during commissioning after installation. Since April 2014 combustion analysis has been a compulsory part of commissioning any newly installed boiler.

During servicing we would normally check either main burner pressure, inlet working pressure or measure the gas rate at the meter. It’s important to know that the correct amount of gas is being burnt.

Gas Safe Register No. 66587

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We produce a separate web site recording information about central heating problems and fault-finding at You can read about radiator balancing and boiler efficiency and Honeywell motorised valve problems, among other articles.

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Lovekin Gas Boiler Service North Camp

Baxi Bermuda 552 back boiler burner

Startling orange flame tips but this is harmless and will quickly settle down. The colour is caused by dust particles of metallic salts passing through the burner and flames when the dust was disturbed during servicing. Even the sodium yellow colour of old fashioned street lamps is not a problem. The pale white/yellow colour of a match flame or candle flame should, however, ring alarm bells!

Analysis results showing clean, efficient combustion.

The ratio is the most important figure. The pressure figure is the inlet working pressure at the gas valve. The gross efficiency of the boiler is 88.7% which is very good, with only 11.3% of the energy being lost.

Burner pressure and combustion analysis on a Baxi Boston chimney type boiler

Clean blue pilot flame heating the thermocouple tip

Clean pilot flame Combustion gas analysis results Baxi Boston CF combustion analysis Baxi Bermuda back boiler with the fire front removed

Wire mesh air inlet filter, burner and heat exchanger have all been cleaned on this back boiler

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Jacky is a director of Lovekin Ltd Paul is a director of Lovekin and a registered gas engineer Lois is a registered gas engineer working with Lovekin