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Lovekin have serviced gas boilers in Lightwater for more than 20 years with skilled engineers and a commitment to excellent work. We have timed appointments and know most of our customers on first name terms.

01252 334440

Ring between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm weekdays

Out of hours leave a message and we’ll ring back. Or you can email Paul

Lovekin also service gas fires and we install and repair gas boilers and central heating systems.

Our prices all including VAT

We charge 94 to service the first appliance and 68 for each additional appliance.

We’re offering a 10 introductory discount for new customers, taking the boiler service price down to 84

If your neighbour wants a boiler service too we’ll give each of you a 10 neighbour discount if you have them done together. Just let us know when you make the bookings. For new customers, the neighbour discount is in addition to the introductory discount!

Gas Boiler Servicing in Lightwater

Lois servicing a Potterton Suprima in a cupboard under a work top

Setting up for combustion analysis on a Baxi Solo HE boiler. This is another high efficiency, room sealed appliance.

Clean blue flame picture

We're looking for blue flames. Tinges of mauve, red and orange are fine but pale yellow flames, the colour of a match flame, could indicate a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning!

The Potterton Suprima is room sealed and fan flued and can be fitted in a cupboard providing there is enough air for cooling. This was a tight cupboard under a kitchen worktop.

Lovekin Gas Boiler Service Lightwater

Baxi Solo HE

We’ve written an article efficiency and the difference between gross and net on our separate web site. There are also articles about boiler problems and central heating problems and fault finding. We’re still working on the site but we’ve also written about system pressure problems, radiator balancing and condensate drain problems.

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Gas Safe Register No. 66587

We are Gas Safe Registered as a company and as individual gas engineers.

Lovekin are proud to be Worcester Accredited Installers.

We work with mains gas only (natural gas) not LPG.

Servicing – what we do

What we do when we service your boiler depends partly on the type and design and partly on the manufacturer’s recommendations. We always check the location of the appliance and the condition and operation of the flue.

Older, open-flued boilers (including back-boilers) are not as safe as room-sealed boilers and we will carefully check for flue spillage and for correct air supply. Because they draw their combustion air from the room they also draw in lint, dust and fibre which can block the air inlet filters.

This is particularly a problem with floor-standing appliances. Open-flued boilers located in kitchens can also draw in airborne grease and oil particles from frying or grilling and these make the mesh filters sticky, which traps dust; cleaning these filters is very important.

With room-sealed appliances we check that the combustion casing has no perforation damage caused by rusting and that the combustion seals are intact so that there is no risk of poisonous flue gases entering the room air.

We partially strip the boiler and, unless the manufacturers specify otherwise, check and clean the pilot assembly, burner, burner injectors, heat exchanger and combustion chamber, before re-assembling the boiler.

If it’s possible we’ll run a flue gas analysis with an electronic combustion gas analyser. This allows us to check the amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the flue gases, and the ratio between them. This ratio gives us a good indication of combustion safety. Flue gas analysis also enables us to check the operating efficiency of the boiler.

Precision pilot Flame bed of a Solo 2PF Badly burnt Baxi Solo 2 PCB Clean Greenstar Ri condensate trap

This PCB had reached ignition temperature! Thankfully, and by design, the material used for the boards does not continue to burn but this damage caused a strong electrical burning smell close to the boiler which should not have been ignored. Cloned PCBs (not manufacturers originals) are illegal and not tested to the same safety levels

Flame bed in a Baxi Solo 2PF. The Solo 2 is a room-sealed, fanned flue boiler which draws it’s combustion air directly from outside via a tubular air intake duct. The flue gases are passed out through a tubular flue duct which runs down the centre of the air duct. Fanned flue appliances are usually fitted onto, or very close to, an outside wall. If they are fitted further away and a longer flue/air duct is used, it’s joints and support must be visible. If the flue is boxed in there must be inspection hatches provided to allow the whole flue to be checked for integrity.

Worcester had the sense to make the condensate trap on this Greenstar Ri out of clear plastic. It makes it easy to check whether there is enough debris in the trap to risk blocking the outlet. This trap was removed and cleaned. On many early condensing appliances the trap dribbled a constant trickle of condensate into the waste pipe. If the waste pipe ran externally, these would freeze in winter, blocking the pipe and causing the boiler to lock out. This Greenstar trap is more clever. It’s designed as an auto-syphon which holds the warm condensate back and dumps it a small cupful at a time. This is much less likely to freeze on winter if the waste pipe runs external to the building.

This sharply defined flame is produced by a pilot assembly known as an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) or an atmospheric sensing device (ASD). We prefer the other name: precision pilot. It is used in open-flued appliances which draw their combustion air from the room. The pilot flame just touches the thermocouple tip, heating it and keeping the main gas valve open. If  oxygen levels to the pilot burner are reduced, the flame softens and lifts away from the thermocouple, shutting off the supply of gas supply and stopping potentially dangerous combustion. Reduced oxygen levels are both a cause  and an indicator of dangerous combustion.

We also replace radiators and valves, central heating pumps and system controls like programmers, motorised valves and thermostats. If you need a quote or are just considering the options available we’ll be happy to talk to you and give you honest, straightforward advice.

You can find more about how we install boilers and why we choose Worcester Bosch on our installation page. Our repair page tells you more about how we charge and whether it might be better for you to go for a fixed-fee repair, direct from the manufacturer.

Gas Safe Register logo Greenstar Ri boiler installed in a loft Chimney type Potterton Kingfisher 2CF partly stripped down

Greenstar Ri installed in a loft. The Greenstar range from Worcester Bosch are all room-sealed, fan flued, high efficiency appliances with a gross efficiency of over 88% in our combustion analysis tests. This means that less than 12% of the heat produced is lost in the flue gases. There is a flue gas sampling point on the flue turret .

Wire mesh air intake filters and main burner assembly from a Potterton Kingfisher 2CF conventionally flued (chimney type) boiler. This boiler draws its air for combustion and flue dilution from the room and draws in dust and fibre. If the air filters become blocked, carbon monoxide and soot will be produced. The soot can block the heat exchanger causing the poisonous carbon monoxide gas to spill into the room.

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Jacky is a director of Lovekin Ltd Paul is a director of Lovekin and a registered gas engineer Lois is a registered gas engineer working with Lovekin