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If you have more than one appliance we charge 68 for each additional appliance. Parts and repair work are extra but if they’re needed we’ll tell you first.

Lovekin have been servicing gas boilers in Guildford since 1988. We offer timed appointments with skilled gas engineers and work to high quality standards. We know most of our customers on first-name terms and many have been with us for more than 20 years. We service gas fires and repair and install gas boilers and central heating systems.

Gas boiler servicing in Guildford, Burpham, Merrow Park, Jacobs Well, Fairlands, Normandy and Shalford

Worcester Accredited Installers

Gas Safe Register No. 66587

Clean blue flame picture

Clean blue flame picture on the main burner in a Baxi Solo 2PF gas boiler. Red, mauve and orange colour tinges are fine but pale yellow flames (the colour or a match flame or candle flame) would indicate danger and a possible risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The red and mauve and “street lamp” orange colours produced when burners are disturbed, or dust round the air intakes is disturbed, are caused by metallic dust particles or metallic salt particles passing through the flames. In many boilers there is a pink or red glow where the flames touch the combustion insulation panels and the panels glow.

We work with mains gas only (natural gas) not LPG.

We service new, high efficiency gas boilers (also known as condensing boilers) but also many which are much older. Our first priority is to make sure that these old appliances are working safely but some of them are also still surprisingly efficient, with gross efficiencies of about 80% in our combustion analysis tests. Modern, high efficiency boilers achieve about 88% when we run the same tests.

We still service many appliances which are between 25 and 35 years old. Baxi Bermuda, Potterton Tattler, Potterton Kingfisher, Ideal Concord, Ideal E Type and Ideal Mexico have all lasted well. Sadly, some of the newer boilers from these manufacturers are simply not as good.

In our opinion, the best manufacturer at the moment is Worcester Bosch. Their Greenstar gas boilers are very good and their warranty backup, commitment to service and their spares availability are the best we’ve come across.

Greenstar Ri Conventionally flued Potterton Kingfisher stripped down

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri. Worcester Bosch achieved Which? ‘Best Buy’ status for their entire Greenstar range for the eighth year running. The Greenstar Ri is a room-sealed, fan-flued appliance which draws its combustion air from outside the building.

We service many older gas appliances. This is a Potterton Kingfisher 2 which is open-flued and draws its air for combustion and flue gas dilution directly from room air. Open flued appliances must be very carefully and regularly serviced to avoid a risk of flue gases entering the room.

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Lovekin Gas Boiler Service Guildford

When we service a gas boiler we start by checking that the position and location are safe. We check the route and operation of the flue which carries combustion gases out of the building.

We still service some older, open-flued gas appliances (also called conventionally flued) and these require air supply vents in the room to provide air for combustion and dilution of the flue product. We ensure that these air vents are present and are correctly sized. They must not be closeable and must not incorporate fly screens. They are often draughty but they are very important for safety.

With any boiler service we partially strip the appliance and inspect visually for damage. Unless the manufacturers specify differently we clean the combustion chamber, burner, injectors and heat exchanger. When we re-assemble the boiler we check for rust perforation of the combustion chamber and that the seals are intact. These checks are important to ensure that flue product containing carbon monoxide cannot enter the room air.

Where possible we carry out combustion analysis using an electronic combustion gas analyser. Many newer high efficiency gas boilers cannot be serviced without an analyser and combustion analysis is now mandatory when installing and commissioning from new.

Combustion flue gas analysis allows us to check the ratio of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. This ratio is a good indicator of how safely a boiler is running.

Gas analysers can also be used to help to check the integrity of the flue and air ducts on fan flued appliances. Oxygen levels in the incoming air duct should be very close to 21%. Any significant reduction in the oxygen level would indicate probable contamination with flue gases, possibly from a ruptured flue duct.

Combustion analysis also allows us to check efficiency. Most of the older room-sealed boilers which we service have a gross efficiency of about 80%, though some can be as high as 83%. High efficiency appliances show about 88% using the same test.

Lovekin also repair and install gas boilers and central heating systems in Guildford. There’s more information on our installation and repair pages where you can find out how we work and how we charge for repair. We work well beyond GU1, GU2, GU3 and GU4.

We're building another web site with information about central heating problems and fault-finding. You can find it at We have a lot more work to do on the layout and content of the site but there are useful articles about the difference between gross and net efficiency, problems with system pressure, controls like Honeywell motorised valves and radiator balancing.

Clean Greenstar Ri condensate trap

Condensate trap in a Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri. These need to be checked during servicing and cleaned if necessary. If they become blocked they will cause the boiler to fail. The trap in the Ri is designed as an auto-syphon so the condensate is dumped a cupful at a time to prevent it freezing.

Scorched Ener-Tech Suprima PCB

Scorched Potterton Suprima circuit board (PCB). This was the original style of PCB which was plagued by problems with the Suprima locking out. The scorching on the board is typical. The later PCB was made by Siemens and completely re-designed. It is an expensive replacement but, thankfully, has proved to be much more reliable.

Baxi Solo 2PF main burner flames Ideal Icos ignition electrodes

Broken ignition electrode from an Ideal Icos gas boiler. The ignition electrode is mounted horizontally in the flame and glows red hot while the boiler is running. While it is red hot the metal is softened and, over time the ignition electrode sags under the force of gravity, increasing the distance between the ignition electrode and the earthing electrode. As the gap increases it reaches a point where the ignition spark cannot jump consistently and the boiler may light explosively. The electrodes would normally be replaced, though the ignition electrode can be straightened if it is heated with a blow torch first until it is soft. If the metal is cold when straightening is attempted, the metal is brittle and it will snap as this one did.

Boiler Servicing 94 – prices include VAT

10 introductory discount for new customers, taking the price down to 84

call us  01252 334440   or email Paul

If your neighbour wants a boiler service too, and you have them done together, we’ll give each of you a 10 neighbour discount and for new customers that’s in addition to the introductory discount!

Precision pilot assembly with a choked air filter Combustion analyser results Combustion analysis on a Baxi Boston open flued boiler.

Precision pilot assembly with the air inlet choked with dust and fibre, preventing adequate air for combustion reaching the pilot burner. This type of pilot flame reacts to the shortage of oxygen in the air and shuts down the gas valve to the pilot and main burner. Precision pilots are also known as vitiation sensing devices (VSDs) or atmospheric sensing devices (ASDs) or oxygen depletion sensors (ODSs). This appliance was desperate for a service!

Combustion analysis check on a Baxi Boston open flue gas boiler as part of a service. The sampling probe is not visible but will be entered into the secondary flue. The rubber tube visible in the picture is connected to the main burner pressure test point. The wire mesh filter is the air inlet filter for the main burner and it must be regularly cleaned to ensure that the correct amount of combustion air is available to the main burner.

Combustion analysis results. These results are from a high efficiency boiler (condensing boiler) and show a gross efficiency of 88.3% meaning that only 11.7% of the heat energy from the gas burnt was lost to atmosphere and wasted. The critical figure in a boiler service is the ratio of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. The figure must always be below 0.0040. This appliance was burning 8 times cleaner than that!

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