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Gas Boiler Servicing in Farnham GU9 and GU10

Lovekin are a local company committed to high quality work and great customer service!

We’re Worcester Accredited Installers and Gas Safe Registered

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10 introductory discount for new customers takes your first service price down to 84.

If you arrange to have your boiler serviced with a neighbour’s boiler we’ll give each of you a 10 neighbour discount; for new customers, that’s in addition to the introductory discount.

If you have more than one appliance we charge 68 for each additional appliance. All our prices include VAT

Lovekin Gas Boiler Service Farnham

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Gas Boiler Servicing and Safety

Boiler efficiency is important but the first thing we do is carry out checks to ensure your safety. We check the location and position of the boiler, the condition and operation of the boiler flue and that there is sufficient air for safe combustion and for cooling.

Then we partially strip the boiler; unless the manufacturers specify otherwise, we clean the burner, injectors, heat exchanger and combustion chamber and look for damage. When we re-assemble the boiler after service we check the condition of combustion casing seals and look for any rusting of the boiler combustion casing to ensure that there can be no leakage of flue gases into the room air.

So that we can ensure that the boiler is using the correct amount of gas we may also measure the gas inlet working pressure, main burner pressure or gas rate. Most boilers carry a data plate which allows us to check the gas consumption against the manufacturer’s figures.

Micron fan assembly Conventionally flued Potterton Kingfisher 2 Precision pilot with the typical sharply defined flame

Lovekin have customers in Tongham, Wrecclesham, Lower Bourne, Heath End, Upper Hale, Folly Hill, Weybourne, Badshot Lea and beyond.

We work with mains gas only (natural gas) not LPG.

You can find more about installation, why we recommend Worcester Bosch and the warranties they offer, on our installation page.

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Flue gas analysis on a Baxi Boston

Combustion analysis being carried out on a Baxi Boston. Most analysers also allow us to check the gas working pressure at the appliance at the same time and the results can be printed off so we can leave a copy of the test results with the customer (attached to the invoice) and take a copy for our office records too. Carbon monoxide levels, and particularly the ratio between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are very important.

We call this type of pilot a precision pilot because it best describes its action. It’s also called an atmospheric sensing device (ASD) or an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS). The pilot burner is designed to produce a sharp flame which just touches the top of the thermocouple. This keeps the thermocouple hot and generates electrical power to hold open the magnetic valve in the multifunctional gas control. If the oxygen levels in the room air become depleted, the pilot flame will soften and lift away from the thermocouple tip, allowing it to cool. This will reduce the electrical power holding the magnetic valve open and the gas supply to the main burner will be shut off.

Glow-worm Micron fan. The Micron is not one of our favourite boilers because we have found the electronics (printed circuit board) to be unreliable. Glow-worm have produced better models!

Kingfisher II parts neatly laid out

Tinges of mauve colour in the flame picture of a Baxi Solo 2PF boiler. Blue coloured flames don’t guarantee that the boiler is burning correctly but pale yellow flames, the colour of a match flame or candle flame, may be an indicator of very real danger! Mauve, violet, red and orange colours are not normally a problem and often caused by dust particles of metal or metal salts passing through the flame.

Older Baxi Bermuda Greenstar Ri with casing removed Potterton Profile controls

High efficiency Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri

Older Baxi Bermuda partially stripped down. The red and orange tinges in the flame picture are no problem, caused by metallic dust particles but the rusting on the burner needs to be checked.

Potterton Profile showing the thermostat control knob and gas valve. The gas valve is also know as the multifunctional gas control and there is a separate gas isolating valve further back. This boiler also has a re-settable overheat thermostat (limit stat) which is a button reached through the base of the plastic controls cover. There’s a hole the size of a 1p coin, through which you can reach the limit stat button. If you push upwards sharply the button should click as it re-sets. If the boiler is cold and it does not click it had not locked out. If it’s still too hot it will not re-set until you’ve allowed it to cool down. A common cause of overheating would be failure of the circulating pump but this does not always cause lock out.

Wherever it’s possible we will run a combustion analysis test as part of the service, using an electronic combustion gas analyser. This allows us to check the amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the flue gases, and the ratio between them. This ratio is a very good indicator of safe combustion.

Flue gas analysis also enables us to check the operating efficiency, showing how much heat from combustion is usefully recovered to warm the house or tap water and how much is wasted in the flue gases.

On our site we’ve written an article about gross and net boiler efficiency, and the difference between them, if you want to know more.

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