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Lovekin service gas boilers and fires in Bagshot. We’re a company who believe in high quality work and first class service and we offer timed appointments. We know most of our customers on first-name terms and many have been with us for over 20 years. We also replace gas boilers and install and repair central heating systems.

Gas Boiler Servicing in Bagshot

Clean blue flame picture

What’s Involved in Servicing?

With each boiler service we carry out a number of important checks to ensure your safety. We check the location of the appliance, and any required air supply vents, to establish that there is sufficient air for combustion and cooling. We also check the condition of the flue and ensure that it is operating correctly.

With older boilers we partially strip the appliance and check and clean the combustion chamber, heat exchanger, burner and injectors unless the manufacturers specify otherwise. We then check the condition of the combustion casing and the seals that prevent leakage of poisonous flue gases into the room.

To establish that the correct amount of gas is being burnt we check the data plate or instruction manual and measure the burner pressure or inlet working pressure. We may also measure the gas rate at the meter.

Where it’s possible, an electronic combustion gas analyser (ECGA) is used to sample flue gases when the appliance is firing. It’s not possible to commission or service most modern high efficiency (condensing) boilers without a gas analyser.

The analyser readout shows carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels in the flue and the ratio of these gases. This ratio is important because it gives us a good indication of the safety of the combustion process. The analyser can also be used to measure levels of carbon monoxide in room air.

More expensive analysers can also calculate efficiency and these figures are sometimes surprising. Many older appliances are still quite efficient! If you want to know more about gross and net efficiency, and what the difference between them is, there’s more in a gross and net efficiency article we wrote on our site.

Lovekin Gas Boiler Service Bagshot

Call 01252 334440

Or if you prefer you can email Paul

Service Prices — all including VAT

We charge 94 for the first appliance and 68 for each additional appliance

New Customer discount!

We’re giving new customers an introductory discount of 10 taking the service price for the first appliance down to 84.

10 neighbour discount in Bagshot!

If your neighbour wants a boiler service too we’ll give each of you a discount of 10 if you arrange to have them done together. And for new customers, that’s in addition to the introductory discount!

We work with mains gas only (natural gas) not LPG

Fire pilot overdue for service! Baxi back boiler partly stripped down

Precision pilot on a gas fire. Just to confuse the public this is also known in the gas industry as an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) or an atmospheric sensing device (ASD) or a vitiation sensing device (VSD). We use the term precision pilot because it is the most accurately descriptive name. The air intake on this pilot was choked with dust and fluff and the fire was long overdue for a service!

Baxi Bermuda stripped down for a service. There’s a lot to do servicing a back boiler properly and it requires concentration. Because they draw their air for combustion and dilution from the room at low level they also draw in a lot of fluff an dust which blocks the lint filters, increasing the risk of carbon monoxide production. They are gradually disappearing as they are replaced by more modern, high efficiency (condensing) appliances.

Lovekin are Worcester Accredited Installers

Gas Safe Register No. 66587

Clean condensate trap

Condensate trap on a Greenstar Ri. If the condensate trap becomes blocked the boiler will fail and lock out. Blockage could be caused by debris passing down from the heat exchanger but can also be caused by freezing of the condensate pipe where it passes out of the building. Condensate pipes which pass outside should be increased in size or thoroughly insulated to prevent blockage by freezing. This condensate pipe is also an auto-syphon, which is clever. Rather than allowing the warm condensate water to be passed out as a continuous dribble, which can cool and easily freeze, the auto-syphon dumps a cupful of warm water at a time, making freezing much less likely.

We produce a separate web site recording information about central heating problems and fault-finding. You can find it at

The site is still basic and we will improve it when we have time but it has articles on central heating system pressure problems, boiler condensate drain problems, radiator balancing and more.

Installation and Repair

We also repair and replace gas boilers and install full central heating systems. We are happy to fit radiators and radiator valves, central heating circulating pumps and controls like programmers and room thermostats. You can find more on our installation page and more about how we charge for boiler repair on our repair page.

Combustion analysis results

Combustion analysis results from a high efficiency gas boiler (condensing boiler) in Bagshot.

 The ratio between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is the most important figure. The maximum ratio allowed is 0.0040. The combustion in this boiler was 10 times cleaner than that.

The pressure measured was the inlet working pressure to the main burner.

Excess air (XS air) can give us an indication of fan wear. Figures of 20% to 30% are normal for this type of appliance and suggest the fan is OK.

With a gross efficiency of 88.7% this boiler was only losing to the atmosphere 11.3% of the heat energy from the gas burnt. The rest was useful in heating the radiators or the tap water. High efficiency appliances save energy and reduce the impact on the external environment.

Orange flames in a Baxi Bermuda 552 back boiler

Sodium yellow/orange flame tips on a Baxi Bermuda main burner. The colours look quite startling and have been caused by dust particles of metals and metal salts passing through the burner after being disturbed during the boiler service. These colours are harmless and are temporary. They’ll settle down within a few minutes.

If the coloured flame tips were permanent and a pale yellow/white like a match flame or candle flame they would be much more worrying and would indicate poor combustion and a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning!

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